Locals thoughts on ITM 500 in Franklin

Local opinion on ITM 500 V8's the POSTInteresting thoughts from this contributor.

How do the people who attended and locals feel about the event in general and/or the report as per above?

……and here we are again…almost summer….almost Christmas!

WOW!!!  Franklin is once again showcasing a great deal of things to do and places to be over the next few weeks – just to start the summer season!!

Our area is quite a vast rural one, on the outer edges of what is now the Auckland Supercity, (not too far from the airport) but also taking in the Northern edge of the Waikato region, so we do have lots around – the west and east coast beaches are great for surfing and swimming (when the weather is fine), but also fantastic to walk along and take in the sounds, smells and sights at this time of year.

Port Waikato beach
Port Waikato on the West coast
East coast beaches in summer
East coast beaches in summer

Right now we can also enjoy (well many of us can!!) a long weekend with fun times at the local Glenbrook Vintage Railway. This weekend is their opening weekend for the season and there will be fun aplenty for all ages,, including a country market day on Monday! gvr-steam-train-and-engine.jpg

Our local Pukekohe Performing Arts group will help bring back memories of a bygone era with their production of “Grease,” showing until  Sunday.

Then there’s the local markets, an Orchid fair and the amazing Blast to the Past at Waiuku!

Heaps of great accommodation choices too – motels, hotels, campgounds, B&B’s – you name it!! along with dining experiences of all sorts!

If that isn’t enough to get you interested, then just wait and keep an eye out for more happenings in the region – including the V8 Supercars – only a matter of weeks away now!!! and with Christmas looming ever closer, there’s always the Christmas display to help get into the swing of things to come .

bersanti day spa

Looking for something to do this weekend???

Look no further – here we are – almost another weekend! and here in Franklin, it means that there are things “a-happenin’ ”

For instance – if you are looking for some family activities, there’s the ever popular Amazing Maze n Maize at Kingseat, to get lost in!!Amazing Maze n Maize
Waiuku Primary School is another place to head to , as there will be a Summer Carnival there, from 10:0 a.m with stalls, water slide, a hangi (need to pre-order for this yummy treat, so if you’ve never tried a hangi – get in there now!), pony rides and so much more.hangi

For the more energetic, there is the Mauku Fun Run and even if you didn’t feel like taking part, being an onlooker and supporter is fine! but check out the info just in case.

……and then there’s the motor and vintage enthusiasts that we can cater for too.

vintage tractorThe Karaka Vintage Day should be an awesome event, once again. It always puts on a great day with machinery and vintage vehicles of all sorts, so if you feel like a step back in time, that is definitely the place to be.

BNT ST picHeading to Pukekohe in Franklin, is “The Ultimate Family Picnic”. Pack your picnic, kids, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents and whoever else you can fit in the car/van/bus and check out the BNT V8 Supertourers. This is the Round 3 event of the BNT V8 Super Tourers and not only will you have the roar of the engines and excitement of the races, but there will also be competitions, challenges and spot prizes for all. So that’s another great event to check out!

A little further south of Pukekohe, by only about 10 minutes, is Tuakau.
A growing town where, this Sunday 23rd, the celebration at the local museum of 100 years of the building will take place. The museum began it’s life as the local Post Office and operated in this way for many years, Of course the changing tide and growth of larger towns, meant that the local post office was no longer viable and the original building was to take on a new lease of life as the museum. So much history of the region and original families, many whose descendants are still living and working in the area.
Tuakau old pic

So, THAT, my friends, gives you a few ideas of what to do and where to go this weekend – and if you are quick enough, you may be able to grab a night at one of our many accommodation providers so that you don’t have to rush back anywhere! 🙂