Weather patterns and Vege prices

One of Franklin‘s local papers has reported on what “Joe Blogs” enjoyment of the great summer weather is doing to our vege growing!

sun cartoon image

The damp start to February may not be enough to keep vegetable prices down, as growers and dairy farmers battle to deal with the particularly dry start to the year.
….according to Weatherwise Auckland, Pukekohe received just 6 % of its historical average rainfall for January and Waiuku received 22% of January’s average.
…While the hot and sunny weather has been good for holiday makers, they too could be hoping for rain with the potential vegetable price rises on the horizon.
The Pukekohe Vegetable Growers Association president said that if the dry weather continued, prices of crops like potatoes and onions could go up.
It has been an abnormal season for growers and farmers alike.

The hot dry weather has meant that the later planted onion crops may not reach their potential.
Many of the local crops are being irrigated, but that too, will bring its extra costs to the end product – extra watering and manpower amongst the mix!

Lets hope our patch in Franklin, will be able to cope!

potatoes redonions

Rural Franklin – where we grow fresh!

Welcome to Franklin Country – where Auckland meets the Waikato

The Franklin district is strongly defined by urban and rural areas, outstanding natural landscapes and open green spaces. It is also regarded as both a desirable and accessible ‘lifestyle’ destination for those seeking an alternative to city living. Traditionally Franklin has supplied the Auckland region with fresh produce and today market gardens still remain a feature of the district’s landscapes providing an appealing backdrop to the building developments that are taking place within the area.

As one of New Zealand’s fastest growing regions, Franklin offers not only excellent residential options and recreational opportunities, but also access to the goods and services available in much larger centres.

Families relocating to Franklin are attracted by the benefits that country living provides such as more space and larger sections while at the same time recognizing that Auckland and its attractions is just 45 minutes away by motorway.

The Fresh Grower 1 (2)

The Fresh Grower 1 (3)

The Fresh Grower 1 (4)

The Fresh Grower 1 (5)

The Fresh Grower 1 (6)

The Fresh Grower 1 (7)

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending a “Picnic in the Paddock” that was put on by one of our local growers, Allan Fong from The Fresh Grower, with help and support from a number of family, friends media and businesses associated with Allan’s business.
The weather played its part too, with the sun shining over the marquee in the paddock.
Inside the marquee some of talented young locals,(some of Allan’s family I think) played gentle background Chamber music, while the guests chatted and had a glass or two of wine or juice.

Allan’s son was the chef – Ryan of Ryan’s Kitchen.What great food, company and a generally wonderful day here in Franklin – with local people showcasing local food right where much of it is grown – here in Franklin Country.
The Fresh Grower 1 (8)

(Ryan attended the Food Show earlier in the year – view his youtube video)
These guys have been in the news a few times over the years, and with Franklin holding our very own Taste show next March, we’ll no doubt be seeing and hearing much more from our local home-grown producers!
Allan and Ryan Fong in the field 2014

Franklin’s busy few weeks plus….

So – it’s been a pretty crazy few weeks or so with various things happening in the Franklin region (as previously blogged!)
We’ve had the ever popular car enthusiasts Swap Meet, the Targa race, and a wee while ago, a get to gether at the Mercer Airport – yes that’s right, Mercer Airport.

Thanks to some of the local property owners/developers, Neil and Dee, Mercer now has what used to be the “Auto Dome Motorcourt” building as it’s airport headquarters. A few weeks back they hosted

Members of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) who landed 38 light aircraft at Mercer Airport recently and spent the night at the airport, dining at the Tuakau Hotel. The airmen and their spouses had spent the week flying around the North Island

Mercer Airport 2014
Mercer Airport 2

Over this weekend just gone, (1st and 2nd March) the swap meet and the Targa race were on the agenda – and what a great weekend for them both too!
Swap Meet 1 2014
Some fantastic classic cars were on show at the Meet!
swap meet classic cars 2014

So keep an eye on Franklin to see what is happening here soon…….
(And a special thanks to our wonderful Rex for the photos!!)

The region is doing it again – or still……..

Look out world, the folk of Franklin and Papakura are making a statement again! papakura fire stationStarting today – well started already really – is the Endurance Walk for Charity. The Papakura Fire Station Volunteer Staff are fundraising by having 6 fire fighters walk in full fire fighting kit and breathing apparatus (weighing an extra 25kg) for 48 hours, non-stop on tread-mills at Snap Fitness, Papakura.
Of the money raised, half will be going to the Burn Support Group Charitable Trust and the other half to the volunteers at the Papakura Fire Station for training equipment.
Anyone can be able to sponsor the guys for the amount of kilometres that they can do, or, if you prefer, you donate a fixed amount.
The donations can be made on the day at the event, or by clicking here.
This is a secure site and will give you a receipt for your donation.
The Papakura Police Blue Light Team will be attending the event as a show of support.
This should be an awesome event and there will be sausage sizzles, Fire Safety demonstrations, handouts and spot prizes.
Any support that can be given will, I am sure be greatly appreciated!
The team have also organised for 91FM, NZ Herald, and the local paper to cover the event.
91FM will be able to bring their Black Thunders and broadcast live from the event.

Fix Robbie’s Brain Entertainment Extravaganza!!!!

Fix Robbies Brain
……and still the awesome folk out there are organizing events to help Robbie and his family!

The two Robbies from the Breeze breakfast show are coming to Pukekohe to host an Entertainment Extravaganza to help Robbie Ritchie, and his family get the life saving operation that Robbie needs, and cover the cost of not only the op, but airfares, accommodation and all of the extras that will help the family through this time.
The tickets to this extravaganza are only $20 from Deals for locals.
There will be auctions, raffles a cash bar and supper provided, so get your tickets and get ready for a great night for a great cause!!