Southern Corridor Update

Another update on happenings for the Southern Corridor, including part of the Franklin region, has now been published and delivered.

Auckland Mayor, Len Brown turned the first sod on the 21st October of this year – 2015.

The project will see –

  • improved safety and journey reliability on Auckland’s Southern Motorway

and extends 9.5 kms from Manukau to Papakura along SH 1.

Walking and cycling improvements have also been factored in to the improvements

Southern corridor improvements Nov 2015

Southern corridor imp Nov 2015

……and here we are again…almost summer….almost Christmas!

WOW!!!  Franklin is once again showcasing a great deal of things to do and places to be over the next few weeks – just to start the summer season!!

Our area is quite a vast rural one, on the outer edges of what is now the Auckland Supercity, (not too far from the airport) but also taking in the Northern edge of the Waikato region, so we do have lots around – the west and east coast beaches are great for surfing and swimming (when the weather is fine), but also fantastic to walk along and take in the sounds, smells and sights at this time of year.

Port Waikato beach
Port Waikato on the West coast
East coast beaches in summer
East coast beaches in summer

Right now we can also enjoy (well many of us can!!) a long weekend with fun times at the local Glenbrook Vintage Railway. This weekend is their opening weekend for the season and there will be fun aplenty for all ages,, including a country market day on Monday! gvr-steam-train-and-engine.jpg

Our local Pukekohe Performing Arts group will help bring back memories of a bygone era with their production of “Grease,” showing until  Sunday.

Then there’s the local markets, an Orchid fair and the amazing Blast to the Past at Waiuku!

Heaps of great accommodation choices too – motels, hotels, campgounds, B&B’s – you name it!! along with dining experiences of all sorts!

If that isn’t enough to get you interested, then just wait and keep an eye out for more happenings in the region – including the V8 Supercars – only a matter of weeks away now!!! and with Christmas looming ever closer, there’s always the Christmas display to help get into the swing of things to come .

bersanti day spa

‘Tis the festive Season

green_christmas_baubles_192901Well….here it is! That time of year when the kids have put in their requests to Santa and the thoughts of holidays, sun and relaxation are paramount in the minds of many.

So have a safe and Happy Christmas – maybe some time to reflect on the year gone by and the new one coming, a wonderful New Year and be kind to one another.

A Christmas wish for all - be Happy, Healthy and at Peace with yourself and the world.
A Christmas wish for all – be Happy, Healthy and at Peace with yourself and the world.

You can tell it’s nearly Christmas when………..

Here in Franklin, as in many parts of the world, the time for Christmas celebrations is upon us!

Pukekohe RSA Pipe Band (2)Tuakau (officially in North Waikato now – since the boundary changes of a couple of years ago, but still considered to be OUR Franklin area!!) is one of the first to get the Christmas season under way with it’s Christmas parade today (Saturday 30th November). In typically Tuakau fashion, the day was a chance for locals and visitors to get together and enjoy some time in the rural region. The day begins with stalls for all before getting down to business.
Tuakau has long been known for it’s “do-it-yourself’, enthuusiastic and loyally done parade, involving the schools and local businesses and clubs. Many folk just don’t want to miss out on the good ol’ down to earth day and it has been known for some to take the day off work, especially to see the parade. That was when the parade was on a Friday and had both an afternoon and an evening parade, in years gone by.The Pukekohe Pipe Band is always a winner to lead the parade down the main drag – George Street – and back again before Santa makes his appearance atop the local fire engine. Kids (big and small) just love this!
So….just to give you all a taste of what Tuakau does and a taste of the festive season on the doorstep, here are a few pics….
20131130_150423 - CopyTuakau ITM

Pukekohe also had their Christmas Parade on Sunday 1st December, with a great deal of excitement around the Ranfurly shield trophy, now held by the Counties Manukau Steelers team, as well as the expectation and excitement of seeing the big man in red again!!
Puke parade 2013
Puke parade 2 2013

So now to get ready for the next crop of local, regional Christmas parades heralding in the BIG DAY in a couple of weeks! A time for giving, a time for hope….as the song goes……