Franklin………our changing face

Franklin – our wee patch of NZ, like many others I guess, is ever changing, as the years move on…….

Pokeno of yesteryear
Pokeno of yesteryear

Just one instance is –

Pokeno, our neighbour down the road in the Northern Waikato part of Franklin, has been through many changes over the years – going from a fairly busy village as per our photo, to an area by-passed by the modernisation of the highway/motorway and now back again towards being a busy town with it’s new and increasing housing areas.

The town also has Yasihili, the new Infant Formula Factory, being built. It will  be interesting to see how this helps to build the region with employment, visitors and growth in general!

Yashili is part of a major group that leads the dairy market in China. To help us achieve our preeminent position there, we have been a longstanding importer of New Zealand milk powder. Now we are taking that one step further – we are not just sourcing our milk powder here; we are producing our finished goods here. Our $200 million investment in Pokeno focuses on the development and construction of a 30,000m2 manufacturing plant. Our annual production capacity of around 52,000 tonnes of infant formula products will supply the rapidly growing and increasingly demanding Chinese market.
To help us achieve our potential in New Zealand we are looking for the brightest and best people in dairy manufacturing to come on board with us. We have job opportunities in manufacturing, supply chain and quality management. Come and join us and be part of our team that is putting Kiwi expertise on the world’s stage.

Yashili is one of the “big three” producers of infant milk formula for the domestic market in China. Our two leading brands, Yashily and Scient, and the more recently introduced Merla brand account for more than 80 per cent of Yashili Group’s total business. Yashili is also one of the leading suppliers of soymilk powder, cereal, rice flour and milk powder for adults and teenager to the Chinese market. Our products are sold in just over 105,000 retail outlets in China. In July 2012, we were named among the top 500 Most Valuable Brands in China for the ninth consecutive year. Yashili Group employs over 5000 people and reported an annual turnover in 2011 of NZ$566 million. We are publicly listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In June 2013, China Mengniu Diary Company announced plans to acquire Yashili Group. Mengniu, China’s largest producer of liquid milk products, is part owned by China’s state-backed agricultural and food industry supplier COFCO.

Building Future Capacity
China’s infant formula market is expected to grow to NZ$32 billion by 2017, according to Euromonitor data. The increasing demand for infant milk formula is being driven by families shifting from rural locations to the cities, a stable birth rate, more mothers going out to work, and increases in disposable income. The challenge for Yashili and other manufacturers is to keep pace with demand while maintaining a high level of quality control. That’s why we have looked to New Zealand and its internationally recognised expertise in the manufacture of quality milk powder to build our newest dairy processing. Yashili already promotes the high quality of New Zealand-sourced milk content in our premium brands.  We have imported milk powder from New Zealand for over 10 years and we have used New Zealand milk powder exclusively in our infant milk formula since August 2010. Now we are adding further value to our product with Kiwi manufacturing expertise, and the support of the country’s skilled labour force.

Franklin’s Fresh Taste

Well – the time has arrived!

Fish - Taste Franklin

Franklin‘s very own special Taste Fest is on here at Karaka on Saturday 21st March. It should be a great experience.
Some info about the show from one of our local papers –
Franklin Taste Festival March 21, 2015

Come stay and play at our place in Franklin for a great getaway!!

A new Park in Franklin…

The Franklin region has a new Regional Park opening today (8th March).

This wonderful new Regional Park – Waitawa – only 15 minutes from Clevedon Village, in Franklin Country is holding an open weekend this weekend, showcasing a fantastic place for all to enjoy.

Today and tomorrow, the park is open for visitors to enjoy and has activities to take part in too – kite flying, mountain bike riding, walking tracks, swimming, golf discs and more. There are also food tents in case you get caught short without your own picnic!

…and if you want to check out the lay of the land before committing to any one area, take a shuttle trip in one of the shuttle vans and sit back to enjoy!
The Park has a fair bit of history, – having once been an explosives storage area –

The park land at Waitawa is of great importance to Maori as it is located upon a traditional boundary line between Te Urikaraka (Ngati Paoa) and Ngati Kohua (Ngai Tai / Te Waiohua). The area has a long and rich history of human occupation which is reflected in the numerous archaeological sites recorded on the parkland at Waitawa and the wider area. Sites of significance include Waitawa, Waipatukahu and Ruakakariki kainga, the inland kainga of Papaporutu, Oamio and Karioi the Pawhetau, Orakau, Mataitai, Koheruarahi and Kauri pa as well as cultivations at Te Aroaro.

For historic video clips of Waitawa Regional Park, see below:
A Holiday at the Beach
Pāwhetau Pā
Working at Waitawa

…and for interesting historic photos, take a look at these links:
The Wharf
No Smoking Sign
Clean Area
Explosives Truck
Waitawa Bay and housing

It is really quite amazing what we have here on our doorstep!! so get along and visit the Park…it will be open to pedestrians all day from Monday 10th March and will be available to walk the tracks or bike them.
Well done to the Council and team of Park Rangers and others who have helped to get a wonderful place up and running!

Plaque of Waitawa  official opening
Plaque of Waitawa official opening