Pukekohe (and Franklin) Growth…..

Franklin’s main town of Pukekohe is showing the signs of major growth!
GVR engine

Pukekohe, and the surrounding region within Franklin, is growing!! as if we didn’t already know, and as far as the local train station goes, the local public transport area is NOT growing as well, or as rapidly as the district would like and needs to, to accommodate the population explosion on our doorstep!

At the present time, Auckland Transport are not able to help with any inquiries, which would give the assumption that, really, not a lot IS happening, and according to local councillor Bill Cashmore, “this longer term planning needs to be aligned with the Franklin Long Term Plan”
We can all agree that careful thought is required so that the job is done properly to move the population to where it needs to be without clogging the roads more than necessary. Most of us can relate to the peak hour traffic chaos!
Info from one of our local media, show that:

in 2011, Pukekohe and surrounding villages had a population of 23,500. By 2021 that number is expected to reach 35,100, and by 2031, to over 52,000. In 30 years (2041) there will be over 78,000 of us, which is about six times the population back in 1981 (of 13,200).
When we consider that the Pukekohe-Papakura highway is largely unchanged, (save a few passing lanes) for over four decades, something has to give soon.

Franklin SH1

Also from the local media info : –

In 2011 there were 19,700 local jobs. By 2021 there will be 25,900, and this will grow by roughly another 10,000 for each of the next two decades. ……..
The Rail network from Pukekohe to Papakura, said Bill Cashmore, is a central government asset and talk about its electrification…..would need to be a joint Auckland Council/government project.
The government has said no to electrification for the immediate future.
Some comparative growth figures at two of Auckland’s rail stations confirm the growing popularity of a rail system.
Pukekohe Station daily passengers2003 – 74; 2007 – 218; 2011 – 1052… a growth rate of 1322% in 8 years. This represents the highest growth in the Auckland system…..
Even with the local growth in rail travel, still a number of Pukekohe people choose to drive to Papakura to catch the train from there. The attraction being the manned security of the park and ride

( and I feel a more regular number of departures and arrivals)
modern train

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