Will we have a ferry link to Auckland???

According to one of our local papers, the subject of a ferry link across the Manukau Harbour has once again arisen.

ferry drawingThe Hunua National Party candidate has a passion for better transport solutions and recently he met with Auckland ferry operator Sealink, to discuss opportunities for ferry services from Pine Harbour and across the Manukau Harbour.

With a significant increase in housing in the Waiuku area

the feasibility of providing ferry services is being assessed, with options connecting Onehunga Wharf, Clarks Beach, Waiuku and Huia.
Some key issues that need to be addressed are – Access to Onehunga Wharf, which is controlled by Ports of Auckland; The need for landings to be built at the ports of call; silting of the harbour which restricts access during low tide; the need to make an adequate return on the cost of a vessel.
The proposal would be fully supported by the Manukau Harbour restoration Society group as being the first step in starting long overdue change to the Harbour.
The Manukau is New Zelands second largest harbour and the proposal would allow the wider public to appreciate it’s value and importance to Auckland first hand.

Manukau Harbour aerial view

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