Roading improvements project…..

NZ TA has put out it’s latest Southern Corridor improvements Project Newsletter –
This should prove to be useful to Franklin and the rest of the country!

road pic
Quick Facts – Budget;$210 mil
Construction to start late 2015 with estimated completion in 2018
Providing additional lanes between Manukau and Papakura on the Southern Motorway
Investigations to provide walking and cycling facilities

The Transport Agency has secured funding from the Government to progress this important project which covers the stretch of Southern Motorway (SH1) from the SH20/SH1 connection at Manukau down to Papakura in the south. Additional lanes will be created both northbound and southbound, and the Takanini Interchange will be redesigned to improve safety and access onto the motorway for this important industrial hub.
Those that travel the route on a daily basis, know that bottlenecks at several locations along the motorway cause significant delays for motorists and commercial vehicles.
There are also known safety risks at the Takanini Interchange, particularly at the northbound merge onto the motorway.
The Transport Agency has been working closely with Auckland Transport during the design phase to integrate the state highway with the local road network……. We are also working with the walking and cycling teams to include a potential cycleway as part of the project to link up to the existing cycle pathways.
It’s essential that we link Auckland to the rest of New Zealand to unlock the country’s economic potential, and move people and freight more efficiently

Southern Corridor Improvements

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