Looking ahead……

I don’t know how many of you will have seen the latest Franklin elocal mag, but it does have some interesting points.

Apparently, some years ago there was talk of a bridge between Karaka and Weymouth. bridge image
With a potential minimum of 50,000 new homes in Franklin over the next 30 years, as Council have mentioned, I guess there are both good and bad aspects of this discussion – as with anything!
Some of these noted in the aforementioned media are:

The cost of developing the roading and infrastructure – millions
It is contrary to the Unitary Plan’s idea of making Auckland the world’s most liveable city. Urban creep in place of pristine rural land
Karaka is a major food producer for Auckland and the racing and stud farming industries are valued contributors to the economy. They need the land and the country needs those industries more than housing.
Other development areas, such as Drury and Paerata, which are near existing transport routes, make much more sense……….

For the bridge
The bridge is inevitable – Auckland will need a third main link – plus rail – to the rest of New Zealand at some time
Pukekohe peak hour traffic is already congested. Future traffic modelling favours the bridge
The bridge can be built without damaging the environment….

Obviously some food for thought………

cricketSome more food for thought is next years up and coming International Cricket World Cup being played between NZ and Australia, with games in Auckland and Hamilton –

Streamlined visa arrangements will assist Australia and New Zealand to capitalise on the tourism opportunities that will flow from
co-hosting the 11th ICC Cricket World Cup in 2015, ministers have said.
The Australian and New Zealand Governments have agreed to allow international visitors attending the World Cup the convenience of applying for only one visa in order to be granted entry into both countries.
New Zealand’s Associate Tourism Minister Todd McClay has just participated in a meeting of Australia’s tourism ministers in Melbourne, hosted by Federal Tourism Minister Andrew Robb. They discussed how both countries can work together to maximise the tourism opportunities stemming from the tournament.
Mr Robb said the streamlined visa arrangements would make it easier for visitors to attend World Cup matches on both sides of the Tasman.
“It provides the flexibility for tourists to freely move between Australia and New Zealand for the World Cup. This is a major international sporting event which will bring major benefits for our tourism and hospitality sectors,” Mr Robb says.
Mr McClay said both countries will share in the benefits of being host nations.
“The integrated visa process will make it easier for fans to follow their teams and catch all the action as well experience the many tourist offerings in both countries.”

So, on that note – we are placed very conveniently here in Franklin, to be able to take advantage of the travellers. We can offer accommodation, things to do and general local places of interest between matches!!

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Puke golf pic


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