Weather bomb…

Well THAT was a bit scary last night!!

Here in Franklin, we had a bit of a wake up at around 10:30 last night with the crashing of thunder, that sounded like it was right over my head!! and lightening straight afterwards.
Apart from hearing a few alarms going off, I couldn’t see that there were any other major problems.
The paper this morning, tells of –

about 20 properties on Pukekohe’s O’Connor Drive received electrical damage about 10.30pm. Firefighers, police and staff from local lines company Counties Power attended, checking on homes and residents.

Apparently Papakura was also hit,

Fire Service spokesman Scott Osmond said ower to the entire street was cut for the night with damage due to be assessed this morning.

“There was no actual fire but there’s been some damage to electrical switchboards in the houses.”

Two houses in Ariki Place, Papakura were also struck by lightning and damaged.

There were no reports of injuries in either street.

I guess this IS winter and we do expect the weather to brings challenges…..all I can say is that I am glad I wasn’t driving anywhere at that time last night! Now that would have been scary!!!

cartoon lightening


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