Growth in Franklin – and it’s Challenges!

Auckland SupercityThe new Auckland Super city certainly has its challenges to make sure that all areas are looked after in the best ways possible………
…and Franklin Councillor, Bill Cashmore has his work cut out for him!!

Quoted from a local publication :

House sections are appearing out of green fields in Pukekohe, Beachlands, Patumahoe and of course the well publicised Wesley housing expansion, and now Clevedon too. Pukekohe’s area planning process has been well run and a successful example of community engagement. Well done to the Franklin Local Board and to the community for their input and guidance.
..but with gridlock in Manukau Road, trucks backed up on the eastern arterial, constant streams of traffic on the Maraetai-Whitford Road, the challenge now is for all of the Council family to work together to get the roading planned and built, the storm water sorted, the waste water capacity made fit for the purpose and future proofed where possible, and the reticulated water in place. This is a massive piece of work with a massive budget attached to it……… The bottom line is funding – where it comes from and the timing of the funding stream………..Bottom line: housing, business growth and the associated infrastructure must be the number one priority.


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