An ageing population…..

Kaye Maxwells GolfI guess the Franklin region is like many others in New Zealand in some ways – in that we have an increasing number of people of retirement age.
bowling greenAccording to a report in our local paper, “Franklin is home to (Auckland’s) fastest growing retired population. The number of retirees has grown by 50% … in the past seven years alone, putting it on a par with cities such as Rotorua. (We) believe th area is massively under serviced for care and independent living”
Ryman Healthcare are reportedly planning to build the new village in Pukekohe with the purchase of a 6 1/2 hectare block.
The plan mentions that the new retirement village will house two and three bedroom independent living townhouses, apartments and an aged care facility. The care facility expected to include rest home, dementia specialist care and hospital-level care, while the resort style amenities will include a gym, chapel, bowling green, indoor pool, movie theatre, bar, and hairdressing salon.
This should all be a great bonus to the region, as we only have a few villages at present, and will help with employment as well as the bonus of having retirees in a great rural area. Those people who have lived most of their lives in and around Franklin, should be happy to know that they can stay close to family and friends but still get first class care, whether it is in the rest home or the village.

A few years ago, I spoke with a couple who would have been in their mid to late fifties then, and they both said that one of the best things that they had done was to move into a retirement village in the area. They had no worries about going away and knew that whatever happened, they and their home would be looked after. Maintenance people were right there for anything in that line that was needed and they felt safe and happy.

What better place to have a new and modern facility for all to enjoy!! and we are so close to all of the things that anyone could wish for – beaches, parks, shopping of a wonderful calibre and range and oh soooo much more!!
retirement villageClarks Beach


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