Take a walk on the …….walkway

It may not be the wild side but you can still take a walk on one of our many walkways
Get your boots or shoes on and come to our patch to take a leisurely stroll or hard out hike, whatever takes your fancy.
walkway pic

The development of a network of walkways in New Zealand grew from an
idea, promoted in the early 1970s by the Federated Mountain Clubs of
New Zealand Inc. to develop a walking track the length of the country.
When legislation was passed in 1975 the intention was to create an arterial
route from North Cape to the Bluff, with branches east and west throughout
the country. It was quickly realised that developing sections, some of which
could later form part of the main artery, was more practical than focussing on
the mammoth task of creating a single 1770-kilometre walkway.
Now, over 25 years on, a walkways network has been established with over
125 walkways totalling about 1200 kilometres.

The Minister of Conservation has overall responsibility for the New Zealand
Walkways Act 1990. Implementation is largely the responsibility of the
Department of Conservation. The New Zealand Conservation Authority and its
regional conservation boards have roles in the establishment of new walkways
and monitoring the performance of the department. Local authorities and
other organisations are involved with the establishment of some new walkways
and their management.

Beachlands – Maraetai Walkway

This is a coastal trail and cycle path that winds along the south-eastern coast of the Franklin region of Auckland, along the “Pohutukawa Coast”. It is about 6 kms in length and takes about 90 minutes to complete as a walk. The walk is between the settlements of Beachlands and Maraetai, both of which have fairly signficant Maori and European history.
This walk has lovely views of Auckland’s Waiheke Island and the Coromandel Peninsula, as well as views of the Hauraki Gulf.
walkway pic 2 with pohutukawa tree

. Mount William

Length: 6.7 km (3 hours each way or round trip to the summit from
either end)
Location: Between Puketutu Road, Bombay and McMillan Roads, Pokeno,
50 km south of Auckland City in the Franklin region
Classification: Walking Track (reserve section)/Tramping Track
This walk extends through pastoral land across the summit of Mount William (369 m)
and the scenic reserve. Views from the top extend from the west coast to the Firth
of Thames. The track north of Mount William is along a saddle of rolling farmland
to Puketutu trig, at a similar height to Mount William. The northern section is
closed each spring for lambing. As dates may vary annually, it pays to check with DOC in Auckland

Mt William walkway view


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