A little bit more…

So, Franklin region has had some great weekend activities happening lately, what with the Targa, Swap Meet and more!!

Karaka vintage dayThis weekend, we get the chance to check out a bit more historical stuff again – the Karaka Vintage Day on Sunday as well as Tuakau’s 100 year celebration of the Post Office, which is now the local museum.
Tuakau Museum ex PO

Like most regions, we have a few historical interest opportunities….

A wee while ago, a piece was written about some of the history of Cameron Town, here in Franklin.
There have been people over the years looking to visit Cameron Town, but in fact the only remaining physical memory of this place is the name – Cameron Town Road.

150 odd years ago, Camerontown was a British Army Supply depot, which, after the New Zealand Wars of 1863, became a small settlement. It was named after the British commander, Lieutenant General Duncan Cameron.

Although the road link to the original Cameron Town no longer exists, other than as access to the properties there, there is still the opportunity to use the Waikato River as a pathway to get an idea of how things were in the 1800’s.
Our local kayak guide is one means to experience the river and what it has to offer.
Waikato River


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