An addendum….

white_wine_glassMy last post was about “Things to do – places to be” and since then (a matter of days ago!) I have been out n about again.

with thanks to the John Hill Estate for this photo
with thanks to the John Hill Estate for this photo
I was able to visit one of our local Winery Estates for lunch – the John Hill Estate. In May of 2013, not long after the restaurant opened, the Localist paper visited the Estate : –

We use fresh locally sourced produce to make our dishes, from lunch, through to dinner. You can sit back and soak in the beautiful view of the vineyard as you have your meal or a glass from our lovely range of wine.

Feel at home in this relaxed indoor and outdoor dining experience, where you will truly enjoy our fantastic location along with incredibly delicious food. We are able to host business conferences.

The Estate itself has been in operation since 2005 with cellar door sales helping to support the business while it progressed to where it is today.

The property was originally part of the land settled by John Hill – an immigrant who chose to break in the rough “back country: of the Hunua’s in the 1800’s. It’s quite an interesting story and one that, I guess, was familiar to many back then.
A few bits from the history of John Hill himself and the estate are quoted here:

After a decade of living and working in Auckland and Whitford, John’s reason for leaving these far more established areas: “When you can hear your neighbours
cock crowing, the place is getting too crowded”. So through surveying he and his patient wife Agnes found themselves in 1859 as the very first settlers of Hunua.

Hunua is a wonderful new region for grape growing, and new vineyards are popping up in pockets everywhere. At John Hill Estate we enjoy a microclimate similar to that of Waiheke Island, with
free draining soils and sunny north facing plots.
Grapes such as Cabernet Franc – which rarely grow successfully into a single bottled variety – just flourish here.
It was a huge community effort to build the Estate from scratch, and we would like to say thank you to all those that made it happen, and went over and beyond what was expected.

The Estate is only a 10 minute drive from Clevedon village or 30 minutes from Drury so the next time you are wanting to try something new, make a booking and head to the Estate for lunch or dinner!


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