Pukekohe’s First ever Colour Run!

Colour run before

Franklin region has had New Zealand’s first ever Colour run with huge success!!

The Colour run, “a global 5km phenomenon” has partnered with Monty Betham’s Steps for Life and says ”

Color Run is a commercial event which chooses to support charities. As a for-profit event we are proud to give back to the local community, something we do not have to do, but we choose to do.
In Auckland we will support Step’s for Life.
Obesity is one of today’s most blatantly visible – yet most neglected – public health problems. Globally trends show an increase of overweight and obese youth. As a nation our youth are following the same trend.
Steps for Life is dedicated to empowering NZ youth and their families one step at a time. Providing assistance and support along with the knowledge and tools required to make sustainable changes that gives youth and their families the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle, eliminating the many risks associated with obesity.

The event in Pukekohe, in Auckland’s Super city southern region, has been a huge success, with thousands of people attending.
Our reporter has said

Pukekohe Park Raceway was the venue for the first-ever Colour Run this morning and the organizers, in conjunction with Auckland Council, could not have been happier, with thousands of participants coming from all over.
This event is taking place in 140 countries around the world, raising money to help alleviate global poverty and it has become known as ‘The Happiest 5 kilometre Run on the Planet’.
The morning began with the Zumba with many, mostly young people taking part before the run started with everyone dressed in white. it was expected that everyone would finish the event plastered in colour after being squirted with a different one at the finish of each kilometre

See the Colour run on Youtube
Colour run French boys

Colour run Westies 2

Colour run Zumba

Watch out for the next one!
The result of the Colour Run!

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