YUM!!! It’s Whitebait Fritter time

Part of the “old” Franklin region, is our very own Port Waikato. (now included in the North Waikato, if boundaries mean anything to anyone – I guess they do to Councils and ratepayers!)

P1000743The Port (as we generally call the area) has an annual Whitebait fritter competition, and this year it was held on Saturday 22nd November.
Apparently the number of entries was down on last year, but the fritters were DELICIOUS! The judges had a really hard time of choosing the winner, as there was only a half point between all of the 9 entries, however a winner was found and what wonderful tastes they all provided to the discerning public and judges! (The judges were 3 chefs and the Mayor of Waikato – well done ladies and gents on your hard work!)
Here a just a few photos of a great event – and we look forward to another taste test next November! (but can we wait that long for these yummy delicacies?)

The Peoples Taste Test
The Peoples Taste Test


The judging panel
The judging panel


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