An interesting morning..

I attended a breakfast meeting this morning – nothing too startling about that really..
BPP pic
The meeting was held at the Bruce Pulman Park in Papakura and the speaker was Mr Bruce Pulman.
Bruce has led a busy life by the sounds of things, and is a tribute to what you can do when you have a passion, and commitment to something that you feel strongly about!
Bruce was born in Tuakau in 1943 and was schooled at Pukekohe High .
He went on the work at Otahuhu and, after some years, felt that he didn’t want to work for others, so set about starting his own business, one of which is HEB Contractors Ltd. Bruce had been a customer of HEB Construction Ltd, and in 1980, went into partnership with one of the men who ran HEB Construction. Within a year, the Pulman family had gained full ownership of the company.

The belief of Bruce and his companies is ” It is about people, both internal and external clients, being humble and looking after each other. It is about serving people, our mates, our clients and our suppliers with a smile.”
Bruce is a community minded gentle man, who has helped his community in many ways, including giving back to the community by helping youth in sport, which is one of the reasons that he began the Bruce Pulman Park.
A quote from the Parks website is that the park is “

A new concept in sports, recreational and leisure amenities geared towards community excellence at all levels.

A World Class sports grounds & indoor facilities in 64 hectares of spacious park surroundings”

” and their Mission Statement is “For all people in the Counties Manukau region to have access to the highest quality passive, recreational and competitive sports facilities and to improve the general fitness, wellbeing and pride of all its people”

Bruce Pulman Park Gym CentreCheck out the Parks website and discover just what is on offer to the community of Counties/Franklin

Bruce began life as one of four children to hardworking farming parents (although Bruce says that his father became a horse trainer – no money in that) and has gone on to become a businessman whose companies employ many people (HEB began with only around 8 people and now employ over 700)and a person committed to helping others by ensuring that his companies ” work responsibly and respectfully to ensure that we achieve a positive long-term legacy through our projects, but we also support communities…”

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