our place ………..

Franklin is a GREAT place! Have I mentioned that before?

We have such a huge area with such a wide range of things to attract visitors and locals. Okay, so we mostly have outdoorsey types of attractions but we also have a HUGE range of schools for those intending on coming to Franklin to live. The options are varied and many, depending on your chosen place of residence, of course – just check out our website for info on the schools that we have!
I was counting, or trying to, the number of schools in our greater Franklin area – the number that I came up with was 36 – and I think that there are still some that I have missed!
IMG_0249Part of having so many schools in the area means that we also have a huge range of pet and gala days that happen at around this time of year, so it’s great for the kids and parents to experience a bit of rural life and the community spirit that goes with it – again, check out our website to see what we have and our Facebook Page for photos and updates.

We also have a large number of visitors wanting experience days gone by, with visits to the Glenbrook Vintage Railway and it’s lovingly restored train engines and carriages from yesteryear.
Open weekend for this is coming up on Labour weekend – (26th – 28th October), so lets hope the weather plays it’s part so that families can enjoy a day out , picnics, train rides and general “family time”. After that there is the “Day out with Thomas” – a great weekend that the kids love – on the 9th and 10th November.
Thomas and friends

So come to Franklin and see what we have on offer – experience our rural lifestyle, our diverse opportunities and our wonderful beaches and communities…….


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