Fixing Robbie's Brain

Coming home and seeing our boys was a dream come true. Wrapping our arms around their little bodies was everything we’d imagined it would be. Also followed by the words we knew we’d hear; ‘did you bring us any presents?’. Seeing our mums, sisters, brothers, friends – it was wonderful. Completely overwhelming (we hadn’t slept on the plane so we were pretty spacey!), but absolutely wonderful.

You can watch our homecoming here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Ju_0ZLeNy30#t=206

We’ve now been home for four weeks. It feels like forever and Germany feels like a lifetime ago… or did it happen at all?

The week we came home, Robbie was amazing. He was really well, he was so happy, he was just Robbie. But I was not so great. I kind of fell apart actually. All of the stress, the emotion, the fear, the jetlag, it all came to a head – and I had a…

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