Head2head Walk

In only two weeks time, the Head2head walk is on again!

Head2headThe walk starts on the Awhitu Peninsula at the Lighthouse, and finishes on the opposite side of the Manukau Harbour at the Huia Domain. The aim of the walk relay, is to help to raise money and awareness of local causes as well as making sure all monies raised are funding the improvement of our communities.

The founder of Head2head, Paul Disckson, also says “Now, how about this walk that starts at Manukau Heads Lighthouse in a little of fourteen days? Well to begin with, it is a pleasure to announce that Collective Dairy are once again supplying goodies for each of your walkers and just this week we have had the pleasure in joining Charlies Drinks to the walk and they will be supplying you and your teams with a bottle of water (we would encourage your walkers to bring additional water to get them through a five hour walk). To have these two great companies on board, along with Hubbards Foods, the H2H event really is starting to receive fantastic local support.

We also have to say thank you (yep, lots of thanks to give today) to our new friends at EcoStore, who have been very generous in supplying their product for our event. As you may have seen on our FB page, the goodie bags now contain EcoStore product and you should all be receiving your fundraising pack very soon. Talking of fundraisers, the Hubbards Team are holding a car wash fundraiser at their premises this Saturday, details on our FB page. Also, the Fab Physios are holding a Cake Sale at Middlemore Hospital today, which I’m sure will be a great success. Please let us know if you’re having a fundraiser, as we’d love to attend and spread the word. Remember there is a sponsorship form if you need it 🙂 Plus there is now a donate button on our website front page, which that barcode thingy on our posters takes people to 🙂

As mentioned earlier in this week, we now have a fantastic T-Shirt design for this years walk. If your teams would like to buy t-shirts for the walk, confirmation of order and sizes needs to be received by end of play today (sample of T-Shirt attached). It’s a great way to show what you’re walking for and after the event you can wear them with pride!

Just a reminder about the Pre-Head2Head Walk Breakfast at Glenn Innes Primary on the 19th October, it’ll be great to see your teams their. The Head2Head Walk is a social event and not a race, so we encourage all the walkers on each leg to have fun as a group and the pre walk event will help the teams to get to know each other prior to the event.

So get your walking shoes out and get ready for an amazing day!


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