it’s SCHOOL HOLIDAY time again!!

Where on earth does the time go?
The school holidays are pretty much here again and parents will be looking for ways and means to keep their little petals entertained and occupied.
Friday 27th September marks (in most cases) the end of another school term and this is also the weekend that Daylight Saving kicks in – DON’T FORGET , Sunday 29th!Daylight saving clock
With a bit of luck and good management on the part of the weather gods, there may hopefully be some fine weather, so that the “rug rats” can get out and enjoy the beaches and outdoor activities.
Franklin region sure has its share of beaches – both black sand West coast surf beaches and white sand east coast beaches.
If the weather gods fail to play ball, then Spookers at Kingseat will be able to give the kids some scary experiences – the “Terror Tour, Secrets and Scares: This is a tour of the famous Spookers Haunted House, taken with an in-character Spookers actor. We use experienced scare actors who are able to change the level of scares and frights to suit the age of the victims. Older children will definitely love the experience, and will learn lots of the behind the scenes secrets. We have no interest in traumatizing children but appreciate that many of you would like to bring your children for a tour through Spookers.
Be warned that there is some fairly graphic gore in several of the rooms. The tour guide will make every attempt to vary the tour to suit the participants tolerance level. Please use your discretion. This is restricted to children 8 years and older.
Check out or for info and prepare to be scared speechless!
– if that fails (and I can’t imagine that it would!!)there is plenty more to do and see right here!


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