More Franklin happenings

Has anyone looked at You Tube lately?
tui adIf you have then you will have possibly seen and heard about one of Franklin’s local and his prank. Our Waiuku builder, Sean, and his brother are great pranksters, but Sean’s prank has gone world-wide with the idea to plumb out his brother’s house with beer! Once Sean had managed to get his brother away for the weekend, with the help of some of Sean’s mates and Tui Beer, they set about connecting the beer kegs to all of the taps in the house!
Our local paper has the story, so if you are into pranks, then this is worth a read.

hair for CanTeenAnother local lad, Drew Marris, of Waiuku was seen on TV1’s Seven Sharp, last week. He had long curly locks and decided to drastically reduce the crop by having his head shaved for CanTeen. We have some wonderful people in our communities who are willing to go to all sorts of lengths to help others. Drew apparently manged to raise over $2000.00 for CanTeen and the 1st XV rugby boys then managed to join in with having their legs waxed for a gold coin donation. The total raised as of Monday 23rd was over $3000.00. What an awesome outcome for a worthy cause.


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