Auckland’s Revised Unitary Plan approved….

Well, it should be interesting to see how the revised Unitary Plan will affect our local region.
Deputy Mayor, Penny Hulse, is quoted as saying “The proposed plan has come a long way since we put out a draft version in March. It now reflects a careful balance between ensuring quality development in the right places and a modified approach where our communities have voiced their concerns.

“We want to create a city our grandchildren will be proud of and the Unitary Plan is one of the key tools we need to make this a reality.”

BombayBByes..we absolutely DO want to have a city to be proud of!

cropped-waiuku-sunset.jpgThe revised plan is proposing development around the main transport lines in our region – Drury, Paerata and Pukekohe, instead of the previous option of development to the West of the Manukau Harbour, which was not a popular option, it may be said!
The revised plan will be available to view online after September 30th. There will also be hard copies available to view from libraries. Formal submissions will then be open for Aucklanders for 90 days – to 28th February 2014.With the expected rise in housing and people to our region, this should prove to be worth keeping an eye on, as over 20,000 Aucklanders have provided feedback during the initial stages. This is history in the making.


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