Counties hangs on to the Shield!

CountiesWell done to “our boys” for a great game and keeping the Ranfurly Shield here in Franklin for another week!

Pukekohe was host to over 10,000 fans cheering on the Counties V Taranaki game. Counties had control of the game from pretty early on and were determined that the Shield remain here, in Franklin’s Counties Manukau pocket. At half time the Steelers were up 25 to 0, much to the enjoyment of the locals. That gap widened and was to end up as a 44 to 7 win to the boys in red, black and white.
The papers are quoted as saying ” the Counties crowd stood to a man and applauded their side off after the first half because they knew the shield was safe for another week.” and “Counties looked to the manor born as hosts. A flock of fans swarmed through the turnstiles for the union’s first defence in 58 years of existence”. And another great moment “When Counties got a decent lead there was even some cheek from the ground announcer who pronounced “The Steelers 15, Oracle 0”.!!!!
Awesome stuff.

Well done once again Counties Manukau Steelers and lets hope that the reign will continue after next weeks game against Waikato!!


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