……and today’s news is

Well, it’s not really NEW news, but I have only just seen the info as I don’t get the paper on a regular basis to peruse/look through/read
– and while it may not be much to many people, to us here in li’l ol’ Franklin, it is quite exciting. Ok so it doesn’t always take much to excite some of us, and compared to the joy, excitement and general overwhelmedness (is that even a word?) of the Steelers Ranfurley Shield win and Possum Bournes Memorial Rally but anyway still exciting to have our website mentioned in the Travel news section of the NZ Herald of September 3rd.
WaiukuThe reason that this happened seems to be the mentioning of one of our local towns, Waiuku which has an estimated population of around 7 1/2 thousand people.
Elisabeth Easther writes that “There’s no end of things to do in the ‘white city’. Apparently the old scowmen used to call Waiuku the White City because of the mists that rolled down (and probably still do, if anyone has taken the time to notice)to meet the crushed shell pavements (no longer crushed shells – there HAS been progress), turning everything white.
A while ago, I began a blog about some of our famous people from the region, and Waiuku has it’s share to add to our lot.
Who can forget “Beaver” Stephen Donald? although I guess if you are not a rugby/All Black fan then you maybe could be forgiven! Stephen kicked the winning goal in last the Rugby World Cup after our other goal kickers went off injured – he was called in pretty much last minute to the team! Stephen used to have a share in the Wolf and BeaverBar & Restaurant in Queen Street, Waiuku.
Another famous person was Elsie Locke, and while Elsie was born in Hamilton (1912 – 2001), she grew up in Waiuku and went on to become a writer, historian and activist in the feminism and peace movements.
Stumpy Holmes, another rally car driver, is also a Waiuku-ite as is rugby legend and former All Black Zinzan Brooke and noted All Blacks Kevin Skinner and Pat Walsh were already accomplished adult players when they joined Waiuku.
So here we are – Waiuku has a lot to offer our region of Franklin too, and it is the gateway to our lovely Awhitu Peninsula, where you can visit the light house, where you can also find a bit of history of the ship the HMS Orpheus, which ran aground on the bar around 150 years ago, and still considered to be one of the worst maritime shipwrecks of New Zealand. (More info can be found at the Maritime Museum in the Auckland CBD’s waterfont museum – well worth a visit and only about a 40 -60 minute drive from the CBD to Awhitu!)Waiuku Forest


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