Tuakau has a winner!

Jessica Nutley, who recently won the title of Miss Tourism New Zealand 2013, has been given the opportunity to fly overseas to Equatorial Guinea to compete in Miss Tourism there on September 28th.
Jess As a local resident of Tuakau and Franklin, Jessica is very happy to have won this title, and is currently the only title holder ofPageants of New Zealand, from Tuakau.

The opportunity to fly to Equatorial Guinea would give Jessica the chance to showcase New Zealand, not only to the surrounding countries that will also be competing, but to the rest of the world as the pageant is filmed and photographed. The entrants will be followed around by the media during their time there and Jessica will have the chance to tell everyone how beautiful New Zealand is and to share many of the tourist attractions that New Zealand has to offer.

However, to be able to compete in Africa, Jessica must raise or gain sponsorship for airfares and other funds needed such as buying new evening gowns, heels and makeup and hair items. She would like to ask for sponsorship or a donation from anyone who can help her to make this journey and will be more than willing to give back to the community in any way possible.

We would love to hear from anyone who can help Jessica and our region.


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