Fixing Robbie's Brain

Freeeeeedoooooooooom! It has come so much quicker than either of us thought possible.

One week ago, if you had told me that Robbie would recover from his surgery in a miraculous way, to the extent that he wouldn’t have a single seizure and they would release him from hospital three days early (only a week after being admitted!), I probably would have said that we were hoping for an awesome outcome, but THAT was just pushing it too far. But you’d have been right.

The day before the surgery, Dr Elolf explained how it would all go down, what the risks were and what we could expect the recovery to look like. He explained that massive seizures were expected in the 24 hours post-op. The way he described it, seizures were pretty much guaranteed.

We asked if there was a chance that Robbie wouldn’t have seizures any more after the…

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