No seizures… until today

Fixing Robbie's Brain

What a day so far…
Robbie and I both had a great sleep last night, and he woke up today feeling really positive and energetic – ready to take on this giant. Then just as he was about to step into the shower, he felt a seizure coming on. He quickly went into the bedroom and lay down on the bed. I sat down with him and prayed and thanked God that He is going to heal Robbie through the hands of these surgeons. The seizure didn’t seem too bad, and was only his upper body. It lasted for about two minutes, then stopped, but his left hand kept spasming. Then a few seconds later the full seizure came again, and this time it included every part of his body. It was a full grand mal seizure and lasted about 4 more minutes. In regards to Robbie’s seizures, it was…

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