Franklin is a great place to be!!!

cropped-west-coast.jpgJust wanted to let all you folk out there know that we have some awesome feedback from new locals!!

Natasha Fairbrass posted

“I just wanted to comment on how amazing the whole Franklin area is .
We moved up here from down south (Go the Crusaders haha) two and a half years ago and we knew we wanted to move to the country (Pukekohe is not quite the country, it’s bigger than half of the cities we have in the south). Everyone told us the Pukekohe was too far away and we would regret moving so far out from the hub of Auckland. We made such a good decision moving here, Puke is one of the most awesome towns ever, the people here are so friendly and caring and there is such a strong community spirit, a spirit that extends out beyond the boundaries of the town.
Keep up the awesomeness everyone, you are all amazing”

Thanks Natasha, I think that Franklin is an awesome region to be in……come along everyone and see what we have. Come for a break, a rest, a holiday. Great people, great spots to visit, great places to stay, great experiences to be had!


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