Defining Where Pukekohe Grows ……..

Franklin irrigation picWell, the meetings and info days have now been done and dusted showing the draft plan of how and where “Growing Pukekohe” will affect us all, and not just those in the Pukekohe township.

so now we wait to hear the feedback.
Those who attended the info days and evening meeting, will have been able to get copies of the area plans, such as the one on “Influencing Growth”, Land Use, The Town Centre and how the plan relates to the Unitary Plan of Auckland
The Franklin Local Board seems to have done a good job at this stage, of making sure that we have a rural buffer zone, keeping the elite soils area for continued market gardening, being aware and sensitive to flood prone areas and also keeping our Volcanic” Pukekohe Hill” as a conservation area. So well done there!
Thank goodness, too, that the Local Board seem to be determined that Auckland Council actually listens to what the people of the area, want, this time.
Andy Baker, the Local Board Chair, is quoted as saying that “he would ensure the council listens to their (the community) responses” and also that “we have been blown away with the level of support from the community”

A draft of the Pukekohe Area plan is expected to be put to the community early in 2014.

Nice work Mr Baker, we are pleased that this has gone well so far and as Pukekohe continues to grow, we hope that the decisions of council will reflect the wants and needs of the local community!


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