Thinking of a wedding?? How about make it in Franklin…….

It seems that we are again nearing the season of weddings

wedding timeFranklin is a great place to have a wedding. We have heaps of great places for the ceremony, photos, reception and more, but I know that the brides-to-be, in particular, want to look and feel their best. What better way to get ready for that special day, than to start thinking NOW.
For a spring wedding – that means from September!!, that is only about 6 weeks away, but perfect timing to make the effort.
Jo and the team, at Sure slim & Vibratrain can help to get a toned body happening and if you need any slimming tips, they can help with that too.
Jo and the team also have workout machines, a sauna and sunbeds to help give you that hint of a glow to enhance your beauty on your big day.
Pure day spaIf that wasn’t enough, just up the road is Pure Indulgence, one of our beauty spas in the area. Here you can feel the magic of massages to help relieve any pre-wedding stress or nerves. Pure Indulgence is a day Spa where you can also go with your brides maids for a pampering session for the wedding day – foot massage and nail care and more. A definite MUST to help prepare you!
BUT not only is the pampering for the brides – the guys will absolutely love being pampered too, an the beach is a great place to have wedding photos, a walk to just get away from the crowds or whatever takes your fancy
wedding foodThen for your reception and/or wedding venue, Castaways, on the hills above Kariotahi beach is THE location to choose. The food is fantastic as are the views.
What are you waiting for?? Tell us and all of your friends that Franklin is the best place to be for your special day and for your preparations.


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