The Goal Posts have moved for Robbie….

RobbieAn awesome job has been done in helping the Ritchies reach their original goal of $100,000 so that Robbie can get to Germany for a vital operation to fix the abnormal collection of blood vessels in his brain, known as an arteriovenous malformation. Robbie has an 80 per cent chance of a haemorrhage. That chance grows by 4 per cent every year.
However, the fact is, that not only do the Ritchies need to make sure that they can pay for this life saving operation, they also need to include airfares, accommodation and the chance to have a break from the stress of it all, so are now realising that the goal is more likekly to be around the $200k mark.
The family found out on Friday 21st June that they had seven weeks to raise the money for the operation and have been frantic to be able to get things going.
The community have been fantastic in helping to raise (currently) $108,847.00, and still the locals are making the effort to help further! What an awesome area with so many caring people!! There is fundraising galore, so check out to see what is happening around the Franklin region and see if there is something that may be of interest and help Robbie at the same time.
You can also check out the Givealittle website to see how things are progressing.


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