Robbie needs help….an update

here’s a little more to the “Robbie Needs help” story.

Things are really moving along for the local man, Robbie Ritchie, who is in desperate need of life saving brain surgery which can only be done on August 12th at the International Neuroscience Institute in Hanover, Germany.

The Give-a-little Foundation has a donation page and it looks like the money needed, will be made in no time, thanks to all of the fantastically generous people out there!! That will be a real load of the minds of Robbie and his family and will allow them to head to Germany in the knowledge that they will be ok, at least financially for a start.

Robbie and his wife Jacquie have had “THE TWO ROBBIES BREAKFAST SHOW” on The Breeze at their place this morning.  “What great guys they are!  Was very weird that every guy in the house was named Robbie…  They’ll be playing it on Thursday morning.” says Jacquie


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