Are you needing an evening of laughter?? Then you are in luck tonight……..

Dave Upfoldnothing on telly tonight???
Why not head to the Pukekohe High school for some hilarity?
Comedy Stage Hypotist, Dave Upfold is here in Franklin with tonight’s show being held at the Pukekohe High school. This is sure to be a great evening of laughter, and will also be helping the Pukekohe High’s 1st XI Hockey Teams Fundraiser

Dave Upfold is known for his energetic, engaging and enthralling live show involving audience participation and utilising the power of the mind. With no two shows ever being the same, Dave has been entertaining audiences around the globe with his live hypnosis comedy show for over 16 successful years.

The last show in Pukekohe was a near Sell Out, so get in fast as it is a “One Night Only Show”

All who witness the show may walk away with a renewed sense of humanity, and generally a sore stomach from so much laughter!
So why not make the most of no Rugby on telly, and head to the high school for a 7:30 p.m show. The tickets are ONLY $20.00!!!

click here to buy tickets


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